Cloud Based

Built on Amazon Web Service's content distribution network.

Industry Supported

Built with extensive feedback from the Tourism Industry.

Easy To Use

Built with simplicity and user's experience in mind.

How It Works?

Upload your
Promotional Material

With your Narnoo account you can upload your high resolution images, videos and print material. Narnoo automatically converts these files into webs friendly versions for use on websites and mobile apps. Create product descriptions and link in your media files. With Narnoo you can create a snapshot of your business and it’s products.

  • High Resolution Images
  • HD Video Files
  • Print Material
  • Product Listings

Share your
Promotional Material

Narnoo allows you to share your high resolution files via links, albums or even custom made media libraries. Send your hero photo or a collection of hero photos via an album share link. Send trade to your very own media library where they can access and download your images, videos, print material or even product information.

  • File Share Links
  • Album Share Links
  • Media Library
  • Custom Applications

Connect with
Industry Partners

Narnoo provides a service to tourism distributors and industry partners. Narnoo give distributors the ability to connect with their operators. This could be a regional tourism boards connecting with it’s members or an online booking sites connecting with it’s products. By managing your media in Narnoo you are streamlining how your distributors access your media and information.

  • Tourism Organisations
  • Online Booking Sites
  • Visitor Information Centers
  • Trade Partners

Display your
Best Image

Narnoo allows you to keep your brand image current. Consumers and promotional partners only want to see your most updated material. There is more and more demand for this material and as a result, more demand on your business resources.

By using Narnoo you have a central place to store, manage and share your most up to date media.


Manage Your
Promotional Media

We’ve tried to make the process of managing your information as easy as possible. Our interface is clean and simple to follow and where possible actions are drag and drop. Once the files have been uploaded a lot of the grunt work happens behind the scenes.

We’ve added in additional business information such as, business products, logos, staff contacts and social media channels.


Share your
Promotional Media

Narnoo is all about streamlining how you share your media and information to your partners. We are constantly developing tools which you can place on your websites to access your Narnoo media.

From fully fledged media libraries, WordPress plugins to ( very soon ) entire WordPress website themes. Narnoo is built for you to easily display your media hosted on Narnoo.


Connect with
Industry Partners

The additional benefits of Narnoo comes when distributors connect with your business via Narnoo. Your distributors can access your public media directly from their accounts. Distributors can create rich websites or applications using your public information stored in Narnoo.

Narnoo’s mission is to reduce the number of places users are required to manage their business information.

Benefits of Narnoo

Customer Focused

Narnoo is built for the needs of tourism businesses.

Built for Tourism

Built with 10 years of tourism, digital knowledge and experience.

Simple Design

Built to save time and be simple and easy to use.

Media Sharing

Share media via links or your own custom libraries.

Software Tools

Narnoo software provided for your websites and applications.

Developer API

Extensive API for developers to create Narnoo applications.

WordPress Support

Integrate Narnoo directly into your WordPress websites.

Developer Backed

Developers on hand to help make your applications real.

Are You Interested In Streamlining Your Media?

All tourism operators should sign up to Narnoo and start streamlining how they manage their promotional media.

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