About Narnoo

The Narnoo platform is a state of the art media solution for the tourism and hospitality industry. It's sole purpose is to streamline the process of networking and distributing the tourism industry's media.

Built on a backbone of secure, globally distributed servers, you can be assured that your client's files will be delivered fast and securely world wide. Narnoo has been built around the tourism and hospitality industry and it's media needs. Our platform covers all the industry's requirements when it comes to copy, images, videos and brochures.

Narnoo is the complete, digital media solution for all tourism based businesses.

Why Narnoo?

The importance and demand for businesses to represent themselves on the Internet is requiring more and more attention. Narnoo simplify this process by providing a central location for the tourism industry to access digital resources.

For operator’s this means one place to upload their business’s promotional media and for distributor’s this means one place to access all their suppliers’ digital content.

Narnoo provides developers with essential tools to access Narnoo's library. Thus allowing for the creation of tourism based applications to be simple and cost effective.

Through Narnoo businesses can concentrate on their core business needs and leave the worry about how they look across the web to us.